After Celeb Nude Leaks Emma Watson Joins Global Feminism Human Rights

ANAA is US based global feminism after celebrity nude picture hack scandal, registered non-profit advocacy group focused on restoration of human rights. It is a totally volunteer (Emma Watson) run grassroots organization and part of global feminism group around the world.

It is the pioneer group among the diaspora engaged in increasing awareness for civil struggle in Pakistan and helping The Fate of Feminism in Pakistan and its local Woman. ANAA believes in participatory politics as a basic human right. ANAA supports independent judiciary and freedom of media in Pakistan. You can help by volunteering for ANAA. Please join ANAA write and let us know how you wish to volunteer we have big name celebs like Emma Watson supporting this movement as well.

Major Celebrities Nudes Leaked Emma Watson join the feminist movements after nude leaks

Hollywood movies star Emma Watson is one of the main feminism supporters across the glove with her powerful name and icon. “Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson is a British actress, model and celebrity picture leaked nudes victim, and activist. Born in Paris and brought up in Oxfordshire”. Watson is global feminist activist how ever she had some issues after the fappening leaked her private nude hacked photos, which caused controversy in the feminist world. Which she shut down quickly explaining that nudity is not against any movement and should be freedom for women. Her cellphone leaked nudes where stolen where she is in a dressing room topless and showing nipples as well fully naked celebrity in the bathroom. Due to this incident she still has not stopped being a active supporter and does a lot of hard work for global feminism.

Informed and involved citizens are best defense for global feminism Human rights. Please become more involved by becoming ANAA member: 1. Honorary Member: 2. General Member: (Only for those residing in US)  For general member: ANAA envisions to be a grass root movement. ANAA will be organizing in different US States. Student will be forming chapters in colleges, universities and schools. All Chapters will send one representative to Executive Council EC by 15th Dec 2008. Considering we have Emma Watson on global feminism even due to her nude photo scandal we encourage people to join the activist movement. First EC will elect ANAA office bearer by 31st December 2008. For details on chapter formation and role of each chapter.

Feminist Allowed to Watch Lesbian Adult Sex Porn Videos?

There is a misconception about feminism around the world, that most of these woman are lesbians or gay and are man haters specially if they watching lesbian porn videos with their friends. This theory is not true at all the original intent is that woman that are not lesbians are fighting for Women rights in countries that are still stuck on the female being just a house wife or get stoned and are not treated equal at all. Believe it or not in the adult industry many Asian feminist girls even star in lesbian porn videos and do it to prove that female can do what they want. Asian Lesbian is not the same as gay for man because women naturally have attraction towards other females hence the lesbianism hormones in the female body. So it is competently normal for feminists to view any related xxx girl on girl lesbian porn and not get judged for it because it is just part of evolution.

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