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In a Courageous Village, Ballots Bring Bullets
By Nicolas D. Kristof

A Woman’s Work Earns Her Enemies
By Nicolas D. Kristof

Sanctuary for Sex Slaves

By Nicholas D. Kristof

Sex and the State
Rafia Zakaria

The euphoria surrounding Pakistan's new law on "protection of women" ignores the fact that the Hudood laws are still intact.

The Disappeared
An excellent piece of writing by Fatima Bhutto, daughter of Mir Murtaza Bhutto on the critical issue of disappearance of Baloch nationalists, Sindhi activists, professors, labor leaders, media professionals and political workers.

Dr Amna Buttar, President of ANAA has been invited to the first ever international muslim women's initiative in New York city. She will be attending this event along with 100 other muslim women leaders from around the world. Below is the news from Chicago Tribune.
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Repeal Hadood Ordinance By Naseem A. Shekhani, MD
St. Louis, Missouri
Member of ANAA Board of Directors
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ANAA Releases its First Video:
NY 2005 RALLY by Somy Ali, FL co-ordinator.


Mukhtara Mai
Video by Nicolas D. Kristof 03/07

Video by DN
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Shazia Khalid
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Aisha Parween
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What's New?

Friday, June 22nd, 2007

RALLY: for the Restoration of Democracy and Justice in Pakistan
Speakers will include Imran Khan (through telephone), Professor Ijazul Hasan (PPP), Ali Zaidi, International Coordinator of Tehrike-Insaaf Pakistan, champion of women's right Dr Amna Buttar (ANAA) and Mola Dad Khan (PIA Union).
Time: 2 to 4 pm
Venue: Coney Island Avenue in "Little Pakistan area" near Makki Masjid in Brooklyn, New York.
 Rana Ramzan 516-376-1868, Bobby Khan 917-440-9002, Nasir Gondal 917-860-0808, Bazah Roohi 347-865-2769, Sarwar Chaudhry 917-817-0895, Rana Saeed 718-696-8683, Taj Akbar 718-859-3999, Dabeer Tirmazi 848-405-1064


Sunday, June 3rd, 2007

RALLY: Human Rights for Pakistan
3 to 4 pm
Venue: Pennsylvania Ave and 15th Street in front of White House in Lafayette park.
Zaffar Iqbal (ANAA): 928-550-0062-
Ghazala Kazi (APPJD):
Iqbal Tareen (SANA):
Mr. Syed Adeeb (HRF): 703-801-2303


Thursday, October 26, 2006

Asma Jahangir
To speak in New York City
Time: 6.30 PM
Venue: Federation of Protestant Welfare Agencies Building,281 Park Avenue South New York NY 10010, Corner 22nd & Park Ave South
For more information,, 1-866-222-2210
Pictures and Info

Mon, Sept 18, 2006
Time: 5:00 - 7:00 PM
Venue: 44th Street on Madison
Co-sponsors: Amnesty International NYC Women Action Team
Collaborators: Coney Island Avenue Project, Equality Now, Human Rights Watch, Sindhi Association of North America
Voices of Pakistan, World Sindh Congress

July 18th at 6 pm.
Dr Shazia Khalid will be speaking at an event by Amnesty International
Venue: 600 Pennsylvania Avenue S.E.; 3rd Floor. Closest Metro: Eastern
Market (Blue & Orange lines).

There is no fees for this event.

Friday July 7, 2006 , Saturday July 8, 2006
ANAA Annual Conference
Location: Hyatt Regency 151 East Wacker Drive, Chicago, IL, USA, 60601
Meeting times and agenda:
Meeting: ANAA Internal meeting
Time:  July 7, 2006, 9 a.m. - 12 p.m.
Place:  Hyatt Regency, Watertower Room
Agenda: ANAA future direction, ANAA finances, ANAA organizational structure,
Other possible topics: ANAA budget, mini presentations by ANAA
coordinators regarding upcoming events in their respective areas.

Meeting: ANAA meeting open to public
Time:  July 8, 2006, 12 p.m. - 3 p.m.
Place: Hyatt Regency Ballroom A
Speakers:  Dr. Amna Buttar,Dr. Shazia Khalid and husband Amanullah Khalid,Justice Majida Razvi
and Dr. Manzur Ejaz

Mon, Jan 23: Las Vegas, NV

Mukhtaran to Community College of Southern Nevada Cheyenne Campus
Mayor Oscar Goodman's Office for Proclamation and Press conference
Location: Cheyenne campus June Whitley Student Center
Time: 11:30 AM-1 :00 PM
Open to Public.

Sponsor: Kiev Denby, The Department of Student Activities & ASCCN Student Government.
Contact: Zahra D Buttar 702-813- 5151

Sun, Jan 22: Houston, TX

Dosti Forum
Grand Hall, Rice University
Time: 3:00 - 7:30 PM
Open to Public but please register online.
Co-ordinating Committee: Rice University South Asian Society, ANAA, AID, VBB.
Program Details.
Contact: ANAA's Houston Co-ordinator. Anwar Raza 281-878-7461


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ANAA is an entirely volunteer run organization. We are the first group among Pakistani Diaspora that is increasing awareness about Gender Apartheid and Gendercide that is occurring in Pakistan. We increase awareness regarding Pakistani women and their struggle through human rights violations. Unjust laws like Zina Ordinance that makes it easy for any one to accuse a woman of adultery and then she has to pay with her life, dignity, and honor to prove otherwise. We are trying to bring forth the screams and horrors of women of Pakistan who suffer abuse, are repeatedly violated, but are never heard. You can help by volunteering for ANAA. Please join ANAA and write to or call (608)332-5085,1-866-222-2210 and let us know how you wish to volunteer.
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A network to raise voice against abuse of human rights in Pakistan


Press Release: CJ Decision

ANAA welcomes the decision to reinstate the Chief Justice of Pakistan with his full powers.  An independent judiciary is integral for a strong Pakistan where justice is available to all and human rights are respected.  In this regard, we congratulate the Chief Justice at his reinstatement and urge him to give immediate consideration to the case of missing persons in Pakistan.
We would also like to congratulate members of the lawyer community who with their courage and fortitude have demonstrated how a peaceful struggle for justice is truly the right path. It is our hope that the reinstatement of Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry will bring forth a new era in Pakistan where the rights of the individual are respected and citizens can be free to exercise their rights without fear of reprisals.

Press Release: Attack on CJ rally in Islamabad
ANAA strongly condemns the attack on innocent citizens of Pakistan in Islamabad on July 17th 2007. We also condemn the violence taking place in other provinces and cities in recent months in the name of politics and religion.

ANAA stands in solidarity with the grieving families of those whose innocent lives were lost.
People of Pakistan are still shocked at the violence seen in the streets of Karachi on May 12th and now face yet another attack to undermine the civil society�s effort to restore their basic human rights. Every nation has the right to choose its own leaders through free and fair elections. The federal and provincial governments are responsible for the safety of lives and property of its citizens and should have taken appropriate security steps to avert such catastrophic events happening in the country.
Such events are evidence of current Governments� failure to uphold rule of law in Pakistan. Appropriate processes need to be implemented so that leaders elected by people of Pakistan can assure accountability and transparency among institutions that are responsible for the rule of law and justice in the country.

ANAA will always stand for and fight against the injustices done in the name of honor, politics, religion, and ethnic pride.


Lawyers and NGOs denounce May 12 Karachi killings(Daily Times)

Press Release: Violence in Karachi

ANAA strongly condemns the senseless violence leading to the tragic events in Karachi on May 14, 2007.
ANAA stands in solidarity with the grieving families of those whose innocent  lives were lost. Many livelihoods have been lost leaving the families to rely for the rest of their lives on the help and assistance of others.
The speculations of law and order situation were high for several weeks in advance of the Chief Justice visit to Karachi. The federal and provincial governments are responsible for the safety of lives and property of its citizens and should have taken appropriate security steps to avert such a catastrophic outcome. ANAA calls for an open investigation for the criminal negligence and dereliction of duty by the government and the law enforcement authorities leading to this tragedy.
Chief Justice has a right to meet with the fellow lawyer community all over the country and had been invited to various Bar Associations meetings. His visit to Karachi is his prerogative as the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Pakistan. Vested interests and inexcusable shortsightedness by various groups and parties which led to this tragedy can neither be forgiven nor forgotten.
It is time for the voices and flag bearers of democracy and justice to unite and call for free, fair and transparent process of accountability, elections and governance
ANAA will always stand for and fight against the injustices done in the name of honor, politics and ethnic pride.

Watch video of Dr.Amna Buttar protesting on 5th May in Lahore


Dr. Amna Buttar protesting in Lahore on 5th may 2007

Dr. Amna Buttar addresses Karachi High Court Bar (The Daily Jang)

Dr. Amna Buttar protesting with lawyers on 18th April

Dr. Amna Buttar participating in a candle light protest on 17th April in Islamabad

Dr. Amna Buttar protesting on 13th April (The banner says "We want freedom of judiciary and rule of law")

View report by BBC Urdu on the attack on Dr. Amna Buttar

Benazir condemns ‘assault’ on HR activist (Dawn)

Benazir flays attack on female HR activist Dr. Amna Buttar(Daily Times)

Sherpao assures Dr Amna of justice(Daily Times)

Clich Here to view the article by Doug Moe in The Capital Times about the assault on Dr. Amna

Dr Amna Buttar met with the minister of Interior Affairs, Pakistan, Mr Aftab Sherpao on April 14th 2007 to lodge a formal complaint against the Elite Police who attacked her on April 3rd. Click Here to download a copy of the complaint (PDF)



Click here to view another article in daily times about Dr. Amna Buttar

Click Here to download Dr. Amna Buttar's press statement (PDF)

Click Here to view the article in Daily Times about attack on Dr. Amna Buttar


Action Alert

Please Click Here to sign the online petition to demand justice for Dr. Amna Buttar

Please Click Here to participate in the letter writing campaign to condemn the attack against Dr. Amna Buttar and Demand

ANAA condemns police attack on Dr.Amna Buttar

On April 3, 2007 at a rally organized to express support for Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry, ANAA President Amna Buttar was rudely manhandled and molested  The men who took part in this orchestrated attack were wearing anti-terrorist squad t-shirts making it clear that they were acting at the behest of Pakistani Government authorities. A day before the attack, Dr.Buttar’s family had once again received a threat from Brigadier Ijaz Shah of the Pakistani Intelligence Services who informed Dr.Buttar’s brother that her presence was not welcome in Pakistan.  The close proximity of the attack to the statement received by Dr.Buttar’s family points clearly to the fact that it was deliberately designed to harass and intimidate her and prevent her from her activities as a human rights activist.

ANAA expresses its deep outrage and revulsion at the shameful attack on Dr.Buttar and the continuing tactics of intimidation and repression being used by the Government of Pakistan.  The attack on Dr.Buttar follows attacks on peaceful protesters, privately owned television channels and the manhandling of even the Chief Justice of Pakistan.  All of them illustrate the complete degeneration of respect for civil society organizations and human rights activists in Pakistan.  We urge all those who support the cause of human rights in Pakistan to express their support in writing in condemning the reprehensible actions of the Pakistani Government.


Dr Amna Buttar Protesting alongside Lawyers, on 3rd April 2007, in front of Supreme Court of Pakistan


ANAA's president Dr Amna Buttar met the suspended Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry along with other Pakistani American Physicians on April 2nd to show support and solidarity for the judicial system in Pakistn. She will participate in a peaceful rally on April 3rd in Islamabad Pakistan where general public and human rights organizations will join hands to demand freedom of courts in Pakistan.

From Right to left: Chief Justice's lawyer Mr Aitzaz Ahsan, Dr Mohammad Taqi, Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry, Dr Amna Buttar, Dr Mohammad A Toor


Action Alert
Please send this letter to the members of Senate Foreign relations committee.

Dear Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee:
 I am writing to bring to your attention my outrage and alarm at the suspension of the Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry, the highest judicial official in Pakistan.  The Chief Justice had in recent months not only issued decisions exposing the corruption of the current Government in Pakistan, but also issued notices requiring the Government to respond in cases surrounding the disappearance of 148 people who has openly opposed the Government. 
 According to a report issued by the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, evidence exists to suggest that the disappeared had been kidnapped by the Intelligence agencies at the behest of government officials.  The impunity with which this action was carried out illustrates amply the complete collapse of the rule of law in Pakistan.
 As a United States citizen, I am concerned about the fact that the United States as an ally of Pakistan is supporting a Government that shows such contempt for the rule of law and so blatantly uses its power to punish political opponents.  If we are truly committed to assisting Pakistanis in their fight against extremism we must strongly condemn this action.
I am writing thus to urge the Foreign Relations Committee to hold hearings on this issue. I hope that you will take my concerns seriously and give attention to this matter.
Your constituent

Use following link for Senator Joseph Biden 
And following email address for Senator Richard Lugar



March 14, 2007

 ANAA expresses its outrage at the suspension of Chief Justice Iftikar Chaudhry and urges the international community to join its campaign for his reinstatement.

ANAA would like to express its grave outrage at the suspension of the Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry, Pakistan’s highest judicial official.  The suspension of the Chief Justice reflects the complete and utter collapse of the rule of law in Pakistan.  The Chief Justice was scheduled to hear several cases involving the Pakistani Administration’s involvement in disappearance of political opponents as well as corruption cases involving government officials.

In one of the most recent cases heard by the Supreme Court, the Chief Justice and others on the Bench had issued notices to the Federal and Provincial Governments regarding the disappearance of over 148 people.  According to the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan that had filed the petition, those who had been released said that they had been picked up and interrogated by Intelligence officials. The Attorney General representing the Federal Government in the case did not show up for the hearing. Days after the Chief Justice issued these notices he was unceremoniously suspended on the basis of pre textual allegations.

The timing of the Chief Justice’s suspension as well as the fact that he has since been placed under virtual house arrest, prevented from communicating with media and even other members of the Supreme Court all illustrate the Government’s nefarious motives in preventing the highest judicial official in Pakistan from carrying out his duties and protecting the Pakistani people. His suspension also illustrates the reality that no person in Pakistan is free to oppose the Government and can be persecuted for doing so.

Without an independent judiciary that cannot be fired at will, at the behest of ruling officials, Pakistan can never be a truly self-governing nation or win the fight against terrorism and religious extremism.  ANAA stands in support of the many legal professionals in Pakistan who have been risking their lives and protesting this gross and reprehensible abuse of power by the Government of Pakistan.

We urge all those who support the rule of law to write to the Chairmen of the Foreign Relations Committee of the United States Senate and urge them to take up this issue with the Government of Pakistan.


For further information please contact:

Rafia Zakaria at


International Women's day Message

March 7, 2007

 Dear Friends: 

                 Tomorrow International Women’s Day will be commemorated around the world. There will be rallies, talks and protests that will mark the progress made by women in the past year.  As ANAA’s President, I am torn between the pride I feel for the courage of Pakistani women who have persevered in their struggle for equality and justice and deep disappointment at the way their struggles have been politically manipulated by the political forces in Pakistan.

                In the past year, there was much talk about the Women’s Protection Bill that was passed by both Houses in Pakistan.  Reports insisted that this would dramatically alter the status of women in Pakistan. Among other things, it was promised that rape victims would be able to easily get justice in Pakistan.  DNA tests would be used to process evidence.  As human rights and women’s groups celebrated this Bill, little thought was given to the reality that there is only one DNA lab in the whole of Pakistan and that rape victims are often unable to pay even the bus fare to the police station let alone the cost of DNA analysis for their case. As media reports died down, I fear that the international community has bought the vacuous promises in the Bill and nearly abandoned the fight on behalf of Pakistani women.

                As the Pakistani Government was touting its gender sensitivity under the Women’s Protection Bill, the Hasba Bill was passed in the NWFP assembly which established a mohtasib or “moral police”.  Since the passage of the Bill, women have routinely been harassed at educational institutions, public buildings and other public spaces.  The passage of the Bill presents a severe threat to women in Pakistan,

                Just in the past month, Pakistani women faced a severe blow when Zille Huma, female minister in the Punjab Government was assassinated at the hands of a religious zealot.  The same man, had threatened to kill other women for not wearing the proper Islamic hijab (not the traditional headcovering or dupatta which she wore) and had not been apprehended because of the interference of various religious leaders. 

                However, I would not end this letter without also commending my Pakistani sisters for their incredible courage in the face of all this adversity. A few months ago, Pakistani women in Lahore participated in a marathon, despite the opposition of religious parties. Every day, millions of Pakistani women brave discrimination, harassment and an inegalitarian system and continue in their struggle to get education, participate in the workforce and get better lives for their children.  We at ANAA would like to salute these women and renew our commitment to raising their voice before Pakistanis and the international community.  We urge everyone to join us in our commitment and support the struggles of Pakistani women.



Amna Buttar

President ANAA

Politics in the name of Women

ANAA stands with its civil society partners, Aurat Foundation, Sungi and many others in expressing their opposition to the Women’s Protection Bill (WPB).  The Bill is being wrongfully used by the Government of Pakistan to gain political mileage in the guise of championing women’s rights.  Our opposition to the Bill is based on the following reasons:

a)      The reason ANAA supported the prosecution of rape under the Pakistan Penal Code instead of the Sharia Courts was because the former has never historically prosecuted the crimes of adultery and fornication. This basic difference has been eliminated by introducing the new crime of “lewdness” into the Pakistan Penal Code. 

b)      The Amended Women’s Protection Bill actually introduces a new crime under Section 496B of the Pakistan Penal Code.  This new crime entitled “lewdness” would punish anyone engaging in consensual sexual relations outside of a marital relationship.  Absent evidentiary requirements, the creation of this new crime now creates new opportunities in which citizens merely accused of  “sexual relations outside marriage” can be thrown in jail and face a five year prison sentence as well as 10,000 rupee fine.

c)      While the new Bill allows rape cases to be tried under the Pakistan Penal Code and removes the supposed evidentiary requirement of providing four adult male witnesses, the creation of the new crime of “lewdness” under the PPC effectively eliminates any cumulative gains.

d)      Ultimately, the new bill uses the already confusing mixture of Sharia and Civil law effective in Pakistan to achieve political gains while ignoring the reality that under the new legal regime private citizens face prison charges for mere accusations of sexual impropriety.

e)      The Bill does not repeal the entire Hudood Ordinance which has been the demand of ANAA as well as all other civil society and human rights organizations in Pakistan.  In doing so, the Bill fails to follow the recommendations of the National Council of Women or the Council of Islamic Ideology which have both recommended a complete repeal of the Bill.


For these reasons, ANAA renews its demands to the Government of Pakistan to stop playing with the lives of the citizens of Pakistan by introducing laws that pretend to change the status quo while effectively not doing anything to change the status of women in law and society.  For questions please contact


For Asma Jahangir Event Page, Click Here

For New York Rally Site, Click Here

Download Presentation on Women Prisoners Under Hudood Ordinances
Download Presentation on Discriminatory Laws
(Note: Power Point Required)
Also visit our page regarding honor-killing


ANAA Annual Conference 2006





NY Times: (By Nicholas Kristoff)
23rd April 2006: The Drumroll, Please (PDF)
4th April 2006: Heroine walking in the shadow of Death (PDF)
2nd April 2006: Mother of a Nation. (PDF)
VIDEO: Kristof: A Courageous Woman

ANAA's President, Dr Amna Buttar, is visitng Pakistan. She went to Meerwala where she saw amazing movement of people created by Mukhtar Mai.




Sakina Bibi: 51 yrs old woman who was gang-raped in front of her son and daughter-in-law to punish her son. She could not get FIR registered till later. Her medical examination was done 21 days after the incident and did not show evidence of rape. Now it is impossible for her to get justice.



Haleema and Sidra: Sidra is 9 yrs old and was going to be married off for Vani, and Mukhtar was able to stop the marriage. Haleema is 12 and her father wants to marry her off. Mukhtar has been able to get the marriage postponed until October.





Parveen Bibi: is seven years old girl who was raped by servant of the local Nazim, and now her family is being harrassed by the feudals and threatened to drop the charges. (her picture)

Fauzia: was gang-raped in a similar case like Mukhtar, and now being bribed and threatened to drop the charges. High Court granted bail to the eight men who raped her for two days.



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