After Celeb Nude Leaks Emma Watson Joins Global Feminism Human Rights

Emma Watson Joins Global Feminism leaked nude photos hacked

ANAA is US based global feminism after celebrity nude picture hack scandal, registered non-profit advocacy group focused on restoration of human rights. It is a totally volunteer (Emma Watson) run grassroots organization and part of global feminism group around the world.

It is the pioneer group among the diaspora engaged in increasing awareness for civil struggle in Pakistan and helping The Fate of Feminism in Pakistan and its local Woman. ANAA believes in participatory politics as a basic human right. ANAA supports independent judiciary and freedom of media in Pakistan. You can help by volunteering for ANAA. Please join ANAA write and let us know how you wish to volunteer we have big name celebs like Emma Watson supporting this movement as well.

Major Celebrities Nudes Leaked Emma Watson join the feminist movements after nude leaks

Hollywood movies star Emma Watson is one of the main feminism supporters across the glove with her powerful name and icon. “Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson is a British actress, model and celebrity picture leaked nudes victim, and activist. Born in Paris and brought up in Oxfordshire”. Watson is global feminist activist how ever she had some issues after the fappening leaked her private nude hacked photos, which caused controversy in the feminist world. Which she shut down quickly explaining that nudity is not against any movement and should be freedom for women. Her cellphone leaked nudes where stolen where she is in a dressing room topless and showing nipples as well fully naked celebrity in the bathroom. Due to this incident she still has not stopped being a active supporter and does a lot of hard work for global feminism.

Informed and involved citizens are best defense for global feminism Human rights. Please become more involved by becoming ANAA member: 1. Honorary Member: 2. General Member: (Only for those residing in US)  For general member: ANAA envisions to be a grass root movement. ANAA will be organizing in different US States. Student will be forming chapters in colleges, universities and schools. All Chapters will send one representative to Executive Council EC by 15th Dec 2008. Considering we have Emma Watson on global feminism even due to her nude photo scandal we encourage people to join the activist movement. First EC will elect ANAA office bearer by 31st December 2008. For details on chapter formation and role of each chapter.

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Wed 5th Dec 2007: Day on the Hill – Announcement

Wed 5th Dec 2007: Day on the Hill – Announcement

Dear All concerned Pakistanis living in the USA:

Pakistan, the country of our identity is at cross roads today. The assault on judiciary, if left unchallenged will leave a permanent mark in our history. It is our time to act and do our part.

A group of various organizations and individuals have come forward to arrange an advocacy day on the hill on Wednesday, Dec 5th, 2007. The room has been booked through Zafar Iqbal of ANAA.

Although the congress is in recess and it is a religious Jewish holiday, many lawmakers will be in town for regular business. The offices of all the lawmakers are open on that day.

If you are interested in participating in this event, please let us know if you can contribute in one of the three ways. ie financially, bringing yourself and others to the event to show support to the cause, and most important, by bringing in your congressman or his/her staff to the event.

All those who help the event in any of the three above mentioned ways will be listed as the sponsors of the event. The podium time will be allotted to the elected US representatives only. The sponsors who bring in the elected representatives will have the privilege to introduce them. No other speakers will be entertained.

The sponsors so far are (in order of their acceptance of responsibility) ANAA, AOPP, AMPI, Doctors for Democracy, APPJD, PADD, PAC. Many are joining in their individual capacity.

Please use the following pintail announcement click here to reach your congressman/ senator. Please find out the contacts of your representative by visiting the site, click here

Ask for the foreign relations staffer and give the information below. Once you have secured an appointment with the representative, please forward that information to me at or at cell 917-860-0808.

We need a critical mass of the representatives by Wednesday Nov 28th, in order to proceed with the event. Please make this your first priority to secure appointments.

Nasir Gondal

Day on the Hill- Invite for Member of Congress

Day on the Hill- Invite for Member of Congress

A call for the Restoration of the Supreme Court and the Rule of Law in Pakistan

An advocacy day on the Hill, Dec 5th, 2007

Pakistan is on the front line on the war on terror. A strong and stable Pakistan is in the best interests of the international community. Protection of the Rule of Law and independence of the judiciary is critical for the internal stability of Pakistan.

The events in Pakistan from the beginning of 2007 have undermined the Supreme Court, the independence of the judiciary, the press, and all other institutions that are hallmarks of a society based upon a competent legal structure. Media coverage of lawyers being beaten, imprisoned, and detained has provoked a global reaction from the international community.

It is of utmost importance that the United States conveys to the Government in Pakistan that the Rule of Law by the Restoration of the Supreme Court of Pakistan is integral and in the best interests of all parties.

Several Members of Congress have authored resolutions highlighting this issue. These are:

S. RES.372: Senator John Kerry (D-MA) and Joe Biden(D-DE)

H.RES 810: Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX)

H.Res.823: Congressman Ackerman (D-NY) & Congressman Delahunt (D-MA)

Senator Obama’s statement on the Emergency in Pakistan

Senator Clinton’s statement on the Emergency in Pakistan

Congresswoman Nita Lowey (NY) has issued a statement warning Musharraf

Trent Franks (R-AZ) has spoken on the issue of human rights violations in Pakistan

Concerned organizations, members of the public and the media are gathering on December 5, 2007, to show their support for several Resolutions in the U.S. Congress. Your support and presence will be an asset to our forum. Please RSVP as indicated below.

WHAT: A call for the Restoration of the Supreme Court and the Rule of Law in Pakistan

WHERE: Room 2105 Rayburn House Office Building
Location: Southwest of the Capitol on a site bounded by Independence Avenue, South Capitol Street, First Street, and C Street, S.W.Building, Washington DC

TIME: 1PM to 3 PM

Space is limited, so please respond early.




Zafar Iqbal cell 928-550-0062 or email:

ANAA raises fund for release of Dr. Safdar Sarki

ANAA will be raising fund for release of Safdar Sarki’s.

Case of Safdar Sarki (Website) is well known in US community. He was allegedly picked up by intelligence agencies from Karachi in Feb 2006. His children have suffered enough and now is the time to release him without any further delay. Cowasjee on Sarki (March 2006)(July 2006).

Amnesty writes that The Constitution of Pakistan states that “No person shall be deprived of life and liberty save in accordance with law” (Article 9). Under Article 10, every detainee must be brought before a magistrate within 24 hours of arrest. The detention of Dr Sarki, if carried out by the security forces, is a clear violation of these requirements.(Full report)
Report from Asian Human Right Commission (Click here)

ANAA decided to help Safdar Sarki as this is a blatant human right violation by government of Pakistan. Safdar is one of the many that are missing in Pakistan. Nation’s editorial rightly reminded that in functional democracy this should have never happened and secondly, in the current circumstances when the SC is convinced that intelligence agencies were detaining them and issued injunctions for their release, they ought not to demur. (Full Editorial)

Rory Tabron (rorytabron36)'s status on Thursday, 21-Dec-17 06:44:49 PST
Erik Murphy (erikmurphy968)'s status on Thursday, 21-Dec-17 06:44:46 PST
Keith Helman (keithhelman885)'s status on Thursday, 21-Dec-17 06:44:45 PST
Reid Castillo (reidcastillo026)'s status on Thursday, 21-Dec-17 06:44:44 PST

This is great human right tragedy as Rukhsana, Safdar’s wife, wrote to ANAA, “Currently, I am living in Yuba City in California with my two teenagesons and we are going through very rough time emotionally and financially. However, despite all the adversaries, it had become necessary to hire an American Lawyer.”
Please donate generously as 100% of money collected will go directly for the legal fees of the American lawyer. Please consider donating even a small token of $5-10 shows our love for rule of law and commitment to voiceless.Please make checks payable to ANAA and write “Safdar Sarki legal fund” in memo. Send checks to:ANAA
P.O. Box 4324
Kingman, AZ 86402For Online donation (Click here ) and please send an email to to advice that your donation is for “Sardar Sarki legal fund.”ANAA is a 501c(3) and all donations are tax deductible.References on Dr. Sarki: NPR, NY Times

Talking Points with Congress and Media:

Talking Points with Congress and Media:

1. Pakistan is on the front line on the war on terror. A strong and stable Pakistan is in the best interests of the international community.

2. Protection of the Rule of Law and independence of the judiciary is critical for the internal stability of Pakistan.

3. The events in Pakistan from the beginning of 2007 have undermined the Supreme Court, the independence of the judiciary, the press, and all other institutions that are hallmarks of a society based upon a competent legal structure.

4. Media coverage of lawyers being beaten, imprisoned, and detained has provoked a global reaction from the international community.

5. It is of utmost importance that the United States conveys to the Government in Pakistan that the Rule of Law by the Restoration of the Supreme Court of Pakistan is integral and in the best interests of all parties.

6. Musharraf’s sinking credibility is making Pakistan more unstable and religious extremists are likely to benefit from this situation. Pakistani as well as American interests will be at stake in such an eventuality.

7. The perception that U.S. stands by Musharraf is leading to more anti-Americanism in Pakistan. Any statement from U.S. congress in support of Pakistan’s judiciary and lawyers’ movement will enhance US image and in fact will increase its capacity to constructively engage Pakistani society.

8. Blaming the Supreme Court in interfering with the war on terror is misleading. The only episode in which the Supreme Court actually helped any extremists was when two judges of that court took suo moto notice of the closure of the Red Mosque in Islamabad. The two judges who ordered that the mosque be restored to the same extremists after a bloody siege were amongst those who re-took the oath under the Emergency. This contradicts the notion by General Musharraf that the Supreme Court was interfering with the war on terror.

9. The American Bar Association has refuted the justification of General Musharraf’s action by citing the threat of terrorism. It stated that Judiciary is a cornerstone of lawful government and shutting down a nation’s lawful institutions of justice will hurt, not help, the fight against terrorism.

Coalition of Concerned Citizens held a very successful day on the Hill

Coalition of Concerned Citizens held a very successful day on the Hill

Large number of bipartisan Members of Congress, and human rights activist voiced their support for the besieged Pakistani judiciary

Washington, DC – December 5th, 2007 – An impressive number of Members of U.S. Congress and a Senator addressed a large gathering of Concerned Citizens to show their support for the restoration of pre-November 3 independent Pakistani Judiciary. In addition to the U.S. lawmakers, the representatives of Amnesty International, and International Crisis Group also spoke to a huge gathering. The large audience of Concerned Citizens included professionals, lawyers, physicians, and businessmen.
In her speech, Senator Claire Mccaskell from Missouri showed strong desire to restore the Pakistani judiciary. Senator Mccaskell showed her desire to make the U.S. Military aid to Pakistan contingent to “the rule of law.” She strongly advised the Musharraf Government to restore the judiciary, or face the military sanctions. The Senator warned, “If the judiciary is not restored, Pakistan should face the threat of military sanctions.”
Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren from the California accused the Musharraf Government of misusing the American Military Aid against his political opponents. She explained, “Pervez Musharraf’s government is using America’s military aid against political opponents rather than terrorists.” She criticized the Musharraf Government for the abusive treatment of attorneys. She called, “The treatment of attorneys, such as Munir Malik, is outrageous.”
In his address, Congressman Steven Israel from New York blasted President Musharraf and the U.S. policy of supporting him. The Congressman equated the current Pakistani situation with the Nazi Germany. He said, “The current situation reminds me of Nazi Germany, when then the judges took an oath before Hitler rather than the law.” He was quite clear about the principles under which an independent judiciary should work under when he said, “Judges should be bound to the law, not to the desire of one man.” He further criticized the American foreign policy of supporting one-man rule of President Musharraf. According to him, “United States has made a mistake by supporting one man. We should support the people.”
Dr. Zaffar Iqbal speaking on the occasion said, “”We strongly support the proposal by Senator Biden” “The aid should encourage democracy, not despotic rule.” said Dr Iqbal.
Amina Khan, Pakistani-American lawyer talked about images of Pakistani’s fighting for the rule of law and free press. She said, ” Democratic ideals are indigenous to the people of Pakistan. After all, this was a nation founded upon the ideals of democracy by a lawyer, Mohammed Ali Jinnah. “
Other speakers included, T. Kumar, Advocacy Director of the Amnesty International and Jennifer Leonard, Washington Advocacy Director at International Crisis Group and Shamaya. Gilo representing Pluralism Fund .
Mr. Kumar and Ms. Gilo complimented the Pakistani-American Coalition for their successful program, and predicted that such activism will contribute towards the cause of democracy and human rights in Pakistan.
Following is a list of some of the most distinguished guests who attended the program: Members of Congress who attended, addressed and supported the restoration of Judiciary in Pakistan:
1. Senator Claire Mccaskell (D-MO)
2. Congressman Harry E Mitchell (D-AZ)
3. Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren (D-CA)
4. Congressman Bill Delahunt (D-MA)
5. Congressman Steve J Israel (D-NY)
6. Congresswoman Nita Lowey (D-NY)
7. Congressman Trent Franks (R-AZ)
8 Congressman Nick Joe Rahall (D-WV)
Representative of the following Congressional Members were present in the program:
Congressman John Tierney (D-MA) Congressman Henry Waxman (D-CA) Congressman Shiela Jackson Lee (D-TX) Congressman John P Sarbanes (D-MA) Congressman Keith Ellison (D-MN Congressman Rahm Emanuel (D-IL) Wife of Senator Patrick Leahy (D-VT) attended the programCoalition of Concerned Citizens:

Sponsors: Asian American Network against Abuse of Human Rights (ANAA), Association of Pakistani Professional (AOPP), American Muslim Peace Initiative (AMPI), Doctors for Democracy and Justice NY, Association of Pakistani Physicians for Justice and Democracy (APPJD), Pakistani- American Democratic Dialogue (PADD), Pakistani American Congress (PAC), Friends of South Asia (FOSA), Sindhi Association of North America (SANA).

Media Contacts:

Dr. Zaffar Iqbal – (928) 550-0062
Dr. Nasir Gondal – (917) 860-0808
Amina Khan Esq. – (202) 415-4566

Donation for Feminist Rights


To maintain neutrality ANAA donot accept money from any government.We are funded by individual donors like yourself not even celebrity nude pictures scandal Emma Watson accepts donation she rather donates from her income.

We receive online donation by secure paypal. Checks should be made payable to ANAA and indicate in memo where your funds should go. Mail checks to:
P.O. Box 4324
Kingman, AZ 86402

Please DONATE online.

Please send an email to and indicate which fund or project your online donation should go.

Please consider becoming “MONTHLY DONOR” for ANAA activities. This is one way to plan our budget. Please email to and our office will get in touch with you. No donation is small. Few dollars a month can strengthen the voice of brave souls struggling to be heard in Pakistan.

US Congress asks for International Monitors and Free Media

Congressman Israel asks for International Monitors and Removing restriction from media
12 Feb 2008
House Members Call for Independent Monitoring of Upcoming Pakistani Election Members Express Concern with Musharraf Government Manipulating Elections and Call for International Monitoring and Removal of Restrictions on Media

Washington, DC— Today, Congressman Steve Israel (D-NY) led twelve of his colleagues in Congress in sending a letter to Secretary Rice regarding the upcoming elections in Pakistan. The letter calls on Secretary Rice to encourage Pakistani President Musharraf to allow international monitoring of the February 18 elections in Pakistan and to remove restrictions on the media.

“Without a credible electoral process, instability in Pakistan will continue, and likely worsen, to the detriment of the people of Pakistan and U.S. national interests,” said Congressman Israel, a Member of the State and Foreign Operations Appropriations Subcommittee. “We need to do everything we can to ensure the elections are fair, that media can work without restriction and that the elections are not further postponed.”

The letter, sent today, was signed by the following House Members: Steve Israel (D-NY), Gary Ackerman (D-NY), Shelly Berkley (D-NV), Joe Courtney (D-CT), Joseph Crowley (D-NY), Lloyd Doggett (D-TX), Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY), Maurice Hinchey (D-NY), Michael Honda (D-CA), Patrick Kennedy (D-MA) Steve Rothman (D-NJ), Tim Ryan (D-OH) and Anthony Weiner (D-NY).